Motion Design Talk with JOHANNES GEIER Johannes Geier (NYC) (E/D)

12.05.2022 / 14:30 - 16:00

moderiert von Prof. Roger Walk
Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2022, ab 14:30 Uhr (CET)
*Johannes Geier (Concept, Design and Animation) writes*:
What is everyday life in NYC like, and how does the creative industry operate? A handful of insightful case studies will reflect the initial process for different cultural and entertainment-based institutions. A closer look will be on identity systems and their unique motion languages, giving insight into how a final direction is being formed that eventually lives in the real world. 
The second half introduces Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where I studied Motion Design before moving to the United States—showing the application process to field trips and the final diploma project. Emphasizing fruitful collaboration with other departments and what future benefits a multidisciplinary landscape at the Filmakademie may entail.
Johannes Geier works as a designer and animator at Gretel in Brooklyn. His expertise is deeply rooted in strategy and shaping brand expression with a focus on motion languages. This ethos has been applied to clients such as  ‘The New York Times, Nike, Apple, MoMA, CBS, and Noma Copenhagen, along with additional notable collaborations.
Johannes Geier is originally from Passau, Germany. He worked in the fields of independent magazines, artist books, and film production. After studying Animation and Visual Effects in Munich, he became part of a core creative team in RTLIIs Broadcast Design Lab with the romantic intention to initiate change to its programming and identity. He then went to Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy to study Motion Design in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment. During his education, he was granted an Artist in Residence Scholarship at Atelier Kirchmair. He also worked as an art director and designer for fashion brands, spatial design, and music videos across Europe.