Sommer school MSUAC 2019 Part II


The theme for the photographic workshop is "At the Borders of Society". During the workshop in Ulan Bator photojournalistic digital forms of presentation will be developed and implemented. Various aspects of society and life are visually and lyrically examined and interpreted in relation to the social development of the city. The chosen question is important not only in interpersonal relations, but also in the relationship between nations. Every society limits groups due to economic, social and chauvinistic motives. Those groups of people who live on the margins of society, such as Migrants, internally displaced persons, debtors, religious minorities, etc., can be found in all countries, but their structural causes vary. In Mongolia live especially in the cities of many minorities, such as Russians, Han Chinese and also various Turkic peoples, who are based there because of the historical affiliation to the Soviet Union there. The divergences to these and other marginalized groups are the friction area for the students' arguments with the topic. The empathic reporting in the media can - especially in digital forms of publication for young target groups - counteract these demarcation movements. The aim here is to develop a differentiated view of the various minorities in society through the topic in Ulan Bator.